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Dive Hub Iskele
Where you can find more than you expect

Dive Hub, where you can find more than you expect!

Dive Hub is not only a diving centre where you would dive and leave, but rather is the place in Northern Cyprus where you will feel yourself at your own summerhouse relaxing and enjoying your drink after a couple of dives, watching your pictures on computer taken by Dive Hub divers during your dives. Visit us! Explore what is beyond diving …


Dive Hub offers you a wide range of dive sites in the eastern coast of Northern Cyprus to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyment no matter what the aim of diving is. You may come for photography taking, experience some new dive sites, relax and enjoy the underwater for a longer time, or just to discover SCUBA diving experience. We will make sure you get more than you expect. You can chose your dive sites from the detailed list, or contact us (Contact.aspx) for a special dive plan that will suit you best to ensure your enjoyment.


You can start your SCUBA experience with us or advance your SCUBA skills adding up on your knowledge as well as gaining more experience under the water. Dive Hub offers diving education of various levels from various systems. For more detailed information visit training page. Dive Hub offers individual trainings as well as group trainings. All you need to do is to decide which one you would love to attend most. It is up to you to decide whether you enjoy the group dynamic most, or you would rather feel more comfortable in a one on one education. If you feel even a slightest discomfort or doubt about underwater, we would happily help you overcome these untrue feelings with the comfort of calm Northern Cyprus sea, relieving the confidence and letting you discover more about your hidden capabilities…

After all underwater is really worth to discover.


What kind of diving experience should I expect from Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is known for its unspoiled natural beauties and welcoming culture. So you and your friends and family, even though there are non-divers among, you will definitely find assets to enjoy. Underwater of northern Cyprus’ especially Bogazi (Trikomo, Iskele) has natural, untouched and unspoiled dive sites full of natural beauties and historical artefacts from ancient times. Explore Cyprus through Bogazi waters. Galeries

If I come to Dive Hub for a dive, can I find a car park? Where can I eat lunch? Are there showers on your premises?

Yes, we have a car park where you can park your car. We have a kitchenette at Dive Hub, where you can make your tea or coffee. There is a microwave owen which you can use and a refrigerator for your drinks. We can also help you order food from the take away restaurants that are located not far from Dive Hub. Also, there are showers you can use right after a dive.

I want to try SCUBA diving but know very little about it. Equipment considers me most; is SCUBA diving equipment safe to use?

Yes SCUBA diving equipment is safe to use. All the equipment in Dive Hub are periodically serviced and tested to ensure safe diving.

Is diving safe?

Yes diving is safe. Anyone can dive starting from the minimum age of 8, as long as there is no restricting health problem. Diving is a disciplinary activity where some safety rules apply. If you are ready to enjoy a new world, the underwater world, in exchange to a drunken night in pub, and are ready to apply all the safety rules taught you during your SCUBA course, you can consider diving as one of the safest activity.

I have no experience or knowledge about diving, can I still come and dive?

Off course, this is what Discover Scuba Diving Experience program is for. We are here to help you experience SCUBA diving in the most comfortable and safest way.

  • Very good dive school. We had a lot of fun to do the dicover scuba dive. Thanks!

    Yvonne Dück
    Yvonne Dück
  • Ozenli, gercek profesyonel ve denize asik... Bir dalis merkezinden daha ne beklenebilir ki! Iyi ki varsiniz;)

    Münise Alibeyoğlu
    Münise Alibeyoğlu
  • Mükemmel insanlar ciddi takım calısması ilgi alaka....

    Mehmet Kızar
    Mehmet Kızar
  • There is not much to compare with breathing under water. Absolutely a facinating experince with a great staff at Iskele Dive Hub.

    Ceren Boğaç
    Ceren Boğaç
  • Çok ilgililer, çok güzeldi.

    Mustafa Yılmaz
    Mustafa Yılmaz
  • Samimi bir ortamda keşif dolu bir gün.

    Neslihan Tosun
    Neslihan Tosun
  • Kıbrıs'ın en iyi dalış merkezi. Eğitmenler çok ilgili ve ekipmanları güzeldir.

    Rahmi Büyükvural
    Rahmi Büyükvural
  • Birebir ilgilenmeleri, güleryüzleri insanı rahatlatıyor. Dalış hakkındaki tüm önyargılarımı yok ettiler. Çok keyifliydi. Kıbrıs'a gelip uğramazsanız hata edersiniz.

    Osman Yıldız
    Osman Yıldız
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