CMAS 2**

Why limit yourself with 18 meters and not explore deeper, dive on sunken wrecks, take good underwater pictures as souvenirs, learn to help others or even escape the rat race and dive for a living! In order to improve your diving knowledge and skills – broaden your diving experience by choosing from a variety of CMAS 2* diving courses.

During this course you will evaluate your diving skills and learn how to approach and handle critical situations under water and on the surface.

During the course you will cover diving related illnesses, first aid and rescue, air consumption calculation, nitrogen absorption, deep diving, the use of decompression tables, dive planning and organization and underwater navigation.

After completing the course you will be capable to dive maximum 30 meters with at least a 2 STAR Diver exploring the deeper seas. With an instructor 2 STAR Diver is capable to dive 42 meters for training. You will also become appropriate for night dive and see the night life of underwater which is all hidden during the daytime.

Requirements: CMAS 1* certification or equivalent and 20 logged dives after the 1* exam, prof of successful participation in a first aid course including CPR not older than 2 years.

Please note: The above course is only available to divers holding a valid diving qualification. PADI Open Water Divers and CMAS 1* Dives are all acceptable diving qualifications for entering to the CMAS 2* Diver Course.


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