CMAS 3***

As a CMAS 2** diver you have a good level of diving knowledge and experience, but now is the time to take it a step further.

Develop your rescue and leading skills to ensure you have the knowledge to help yourself and your buddy! In order to improve your diving knowledge and skills – broaden your diving experience by choosing from a variety of advanced diving courses.

Practice the dive accident prevention, self rescue, life saving techniques and emergency management through knowledge development, practical training and emergency scenarios. Plan and manage the dives and manage the water vehicle. Learn everything that makes you a competent diver and dive leader in course of everything related to diving and dive planning.

This great fun and rewarding course is essential for those who wish to assist and leading other divers or become a CMAS Instructor.

Requirements: CMAS 2** certification and 40 logged dives after passing the 2** course.


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